LUSSA GIN (70cl, 42%) |

LUSSA GIN (70cl, 42%)

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Lussa Gin - Original 70cl @ 42%ABV

Only 200 people can call it home. Accessible only by two ferries, Jura holds the key botanicals and perfect maritime temperature climate to produce the outstanding final product. Using ‘Jim’ their traditional Portuguese copper still…leaves, needles, cones, seeds and roots are added to the pot along with neutral spirit and soft, crystal clear spring water from the hills of Ardlussa.  Flowers and petals go in a basket that sits above the pot; their flavours and aromas are released into the vapour as it passes.

This is mix is then warmed using a bain-marie and gently distilled over the course of a day.

Tasting Notes
Nose: Soft citrus and dried grass, spring blossom and a flourish of intense peppery mint.
Palate: The combination of botanicals takes you on a journey that is fresh, zesty, smooth and slightly spicy.
Finish: slowly dissipating aromatic finish.