Isle of Arran Gin – Original (70cl @ 42% ABV)

Arran Gin is loaded with at least double the weight of botanicals used in normal gins. We have selected our plants for both their deliciousness and their interplay. As a dry gin there are of course generous doses of juniper, coriander and angeli.

Tasting Notes

The Nose

Vibrant floral and herbaceous aromas alongside oceanic and vegetal depths, evoking the scents of summer shorelines and meadows.

The Taste

A luxuriant and creamy mouth-feel sees the florality step back to deliver well-balanced sweetness, citrus and spice – intriguing and distinct from the nose. Warmth and vibrancy return in a long, smooth finish.

The Serves

Sipped neat over ice, thisgin is big enough to keep giving on its own.

For a classic G&T: plenty of ice and your favourite tonic (a Mediterranean works well) with sweet citrus such as orange or pink grapefruit.