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SQUARE PEG - PINK GIN (50cl, 40%)

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Square Peg - Pink Gin (50cl @ 40% ABV)

Our Square Peg Scottish Pink Gin is made from 100% Scottish berries and 100% Scottish gin, and distilled at Strathleven Distillery in Vale of Leven – the gateway to Loch Lomond. Enjoy a fresh and fruity berry blast, with lovely juniper and citrus undertones.

At Square Peg we don’t really believe there is such a thing as a perfect pour but if we did we’d suggest 50ml of our gin with slimline tonic, lashings of ice and garnished with raspberries and a lemon slice. Enjoy!


Nose: Summer berries, candy floss, lemon, citrus & juniper

Taste: Raspberries, fresh cream, summer fruit sorbet

Finish: Fruity, red fruits. Lush

In February 2018 The Square Peg Spirits Co. was born, with the most diverse set of minds we set out to approach the ordinary differently. With the emphasis on going against the grain the name Square Peg was a perfect fit. Square Peg believe innovation isn’t necessarily doing something brand new, it’s being able to do things better. Bringing together over 50 years’ worth of experience, Square Peg and it’s 3 minds enjoy challenging the status quo.

We take inspiration from our location; The Gateway of Loch Lomond. True Scottish influence running through our blood, using water from Loch Katerine and sourcing Scottish ingredients where possible, for example Perthshire and Angus farms for all our berries that go in the Pink Gin.