LIND & LIME GIN (70cl, 44%) |

LIND & LIME GIN (70cl, 44%)

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Lind & Lime Gin (70cl @ 44% ABV)

Product Description

Lind & Lime Gin is the very first spirit produced by The Port of Leith Distillery Co at their Tower Street Stillhouse. It’s still a couple of years before they will be distilling whisky, so they have thrown their full and unbridled energy into creating a gin forged entirely from the talent, heritage and industry of Edinburgh and its historic distilling district of Leith.

In everything that they produce, their watchword is ‘balance’. They take a base spirit at 96% ABV and re-distill it with a carefully curated recipe of 7 botanicals to ensure that each of them is working in delicate harmony.

These are the three ones you need to know about:

Juniper is the cornerstone of any gin. It’s what makes gin gin. Indeed the English name ‘gin’ is derived from the Dutch word for juniper: jenever. So, you see, they had to start with juniper.

They decided early on that they wanted a lime flavour in their gin. Not fruit pastel, confected lime, but zesty refreshing lime. They extract this from the rind, or skin of the lime.

The lime needed something to counterbalance it and the answer they found was a gentle addition of spice from pink peppercorns.