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KING'S HILL (70cl, 44%)

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King’s Hill - Original 70cl @ 44% ABV

Product Description

King's Hill gin was launched in July 2018, it is produced by the Pentland Still in the Pentland Hills near Edinburgh in Scotland. King's Hill is a premium small-batch hand-crafted gin produced in a traditional copper pot still. Hand crafted from hill to bottle.

About the Name
King's Hill is named after a spot in the Pentland hills where the famous Scottish King Robert the Bruce (soon to be subject of the new Netflix film "Outlaw King") is reputed to have stood to watch the outcome of a deadly bet with one of his nobles. In the hills there was a legendary white stag which no one could catch, Sir William St Clair bet that his dogs could bring the beast down, the stakes were high - if he managed he was to have the whole range of hills, if he lost he would die. Luckily for Sir William his dogs caught the great deer and he won the bet. Our gin is flavoured with botanicals gathered in the same hills and the name is a tribute to the mad courage of the man that won them.

About the Bottle
The bottle has a glass "Vinolok" stopper which is very eye-catching and contributes to the premium feel of the product. The twelve lines on the bottle each represent one of the local botanicals used in creating the gin, as well being the outlines of the actual Pentland Hills where the gin is made. Have many more photos of the bottle so please just ask if you need more.

King's Hill is produced in batches of around 150 (700ml) bottles each, with a total annual capacity of around 15,000 bottles.

Tasting Notes
The gin has been tested by local gin experts in Edinburgh (unofficial gin capital) and the recommended pairing is with mediterranean tonic and a slice of grapefruit. Personally I would also recommend it served with any good tonic and a slice of orange. The gin is juniper-led with distinct citrus notes and is exceptionally crisp and smooth. Key botanicals include heather, gorse, elderflower and rosehip.