Four Marys - Zesty Sherbet Gin (50cl, 40%) |

Four Marys - Zesty Sherbet Gin (50cl, 40%)

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The Zesty Sherbet Gin is the first in the series of Four Marys gins from Linlithgow Distillery and will invoke childhood memories of enjoying a sherbet fountain!
Traditional gin botanicals such as juniper, coriander and angelica are combined with kaffir lime, yuzu, star anise and galangal to create a flavour sensation in your mouth! The experience and the flavours come entirely from the distilled botanicals - nothing has been added to the gin.
The Four Marys series are named after Mary Queen of Scots 4 ladies in waiting with Mary Fleming featuring on the label for the Zesty Sherbet edition. Mary Fleming, ‘the lively one', was renowned for her dazzling presence and skills in entertaining the Court with music and dance, attracting many would-be suitors along the way.