Esker Gin - Scottish Raspberry (50cl, 40%) |

Esker Gin - Scottish Raspberry (50cl, 40%)

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Nothing says ‘sweet and juicy’ like ripe Scottish raspberries. We have captured all the natural fruit flavour and colour in this beautiful blush pink gin. It contains the core Esker Gin botanicals, and comes with the unmistakable hit of juniper and a touch of citrus to give a slightly sherbet character.
Key Botanicals: Juniper and citrus
Strength: 40% vol
Production: distilled and bottled in Esker Spirits Distillery in Aberdeenshire
Silverglas Scottish Raspberry Gin perfect serve: A twist of fresh lemon zest, tonic and ice
Silverglas Scottish Raspberry Gin favourite cocktail: Silverglas Raspberry Collins