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Dram Drawer Misty Isle - Eilean a Cheo (50cl, 38.5%)

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Dram Drawer is a bottler of Scottish spirits. Bottling single cask whisky is relatively common but taking limited recipes of other spirits such as gin and rum is not, until now.
Our first releases, Experimental Gin Series, will feature 6 well known Scottish craft gin brands and will feature a limited edition recipe of only 300 bottles.
The second release is from Isle of Skye Distillers, who produce 2018 distilled gin of the year Misty Isle Gin and 2019 flavoured gin of the year, Misty Isle Mulled Gin, so Dram Drawer is in very good hands with this recipe!
Made using dandelion and red apple, this London dry style gin has an extremely fruity and sweet base with hints of floral which makes a very smooth and flavourful gin.
Again there is only 300 bottles so get yours quick to avoid missing out.