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Biggar Gin (70cl, 43%)

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A family business started and owned by two brothers.
Biggar Gin is the result of small batch philosophy; the combination of tradition and innovation and a sense of place.
Est - 2017
Location - Biggar, Scotland
Owner(s) - Euan & Stuart McVicar
Serving Suggestions
1: Biggar Gin & Tonic
25ml Biggar Gin
75ml Preferred premium tonic water
Twist of orange peel
Plenty of ice
2: Biggar Gin & Ginger Ale
25ml Biggar Gin
75ml Preferred premium ginger ale
Twist of lemon peel
Plenty of ice
Known Botanicals – Juniper, Fresh orange peel, Fresh lemon peel, Coriander, Pink peppercorns, Cardamom pods, Cassia bark, Lavender, Rowan berry, Rosehip, Nettles
Tasting Notes - Nose: Mellow, aromatic citrus with a hint of hedgerows marrying with gentle spice
Palate: Smooth and initially sweet on the palate followed by an almost creamy juniper and citrus burst