JAGGI GIN – SWEET 70cl @ 42% ABV

Jaggi Premium Gin – Sweet Blend – Orange Label

Nose – Mellow with a subtle hint of orange flowers.

Taste – Smooth, sweet and moreish; tangy lemon grass with a touch of anise on the finish.

On the verge of an old tom style.

Main Botanicals – obviously juniper and coriander but also with Calmus, Carraway, berries, Cassia root and thistle.

Jaggi Sweet: Serve with Fever Tree Mediterranean Tonic Water and slices of strawberry.


All 3 Jaggi Gin Blends are produced at the Strathearn Distillery in Perthshire Scotland.

The distillery produces hand-crafted, artisan spirits using traditional methods.

Using 100 litre copper stills Jaggi Gin is handcrafted using the finest botanicals in limited small batch quantities.

A truly crafted by hand production process giving a premium product

They are winners of “Scotland’s Craft Spirit” of the year 2015.

Jaggi Gin – Sweet – 70cl/42% ABV

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