Thompson Bros Organic Highland Gin is distilled from a blend of 90% organic grain spirit and 10% organic floormalted heritage barley spirit, which is slowly fermented and twice distilled on direct gas-fired copper pot stills.

The grain spirit is combined with their proprietary botanical blend and slowly redistilled. The new make spirit is then combined with the base gin spirit and slowly diluted to 45.7% ABV. The grain spirit gives a fantastic canvas for Dornoch Distillery’s botanical blend, while the new make spirit provides body, creamy texture and a light fruity character. The bottle itself is modelled on a fire hand grenade that firemen used to throw into a blaze as a suppressant. Paying homage to the old firestation building that the Thompson Brothers distill out of.

Tasting notes: Soft citrus and earthy herbs arrive first, carried on a creamy spirit. Followed shortly after by a vibrant kick of raspberry, coupled with anise and peppery spice bolstering the juniper elements

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