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LOST LOCH SPIRITS - Murmichan Absinthe (50cl, 64%)

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Murmichan Absinthe 50cl @64% ABV 

The Murmichan, a wicked Scots fairy and a fitting name for the first Scottish absinthe.

Murmichan is produced in a traditional manner using natural botanicals for both flavouring and colouring.

We use a mixture of traditional and Scottish botanicals including grande wormwood, roman wormwood, green aniseed, fennel seed, hyssop, star anise, lemon balm, mint leaves, bramble leaves, lemon thyme and heather flower.  We also distil Deeside heather, clover and willow herb honey giving our absinthe a unique taste and mouth feel.

Murmichan is crafted with water from the ancient Pannanich Wells in the Cairngorms.  The Wells were first mentioned by the Knights Templar in 1245 as they travelled through the Deeside Valley.  Famous for its healing properties the Wells were a favourite of Queen Victoria who wrote passionately about them in her Highland Journals.

Nose: A waft of Aniseed immediately makes this spirit unmistakable. Upon further investigation, though there are sweet notes, the mint and honey come through in time, and the citrus notes of the Lemon Thyme linger on the nose.

Taste: Surprisingly mild compared to what my previous Absinthe endeavours recall. The honey sweetness compliments the wormwoods dry, crisp flavour. Each sip reveals something slightly different. Simply divine to sip and savour, much like a whisky. Also like a whisky, a small drop of water opens up more sweetness. A citrus tang is certainly more evident upon dilution.


Lost Loch Spirits

You will find Lost Loch Spirits nestled between forest and farmland in Royal Deeside on the edge of the Cairngorm National Park. Narrowing it down slightly, we are on the historic eastern shore of the ‘lost’ Loch Auchlossan situated within Deeside Activity Park which also forms part of Cairnton Farm known for its award-winning herd of Aberdeen Angus cattle.

Lost Loch Spirits was started by Peter Dignan and Richard Pierce in 2017. With a passion for history as well as alcohol, Pete and Rich were proud to be a part of a legal, modern-day resurgence of craft distilling on Royal Deeside.

Lost Loch Spirits is fitted with a modern, 500 litre iStill and a smaller, traditional copper alembic still. With the current setup the distillery is capable of outputting 80,000 bottles per year. The distillery is self-sufficient with distilling, bottling and packaging taking place on site. A percentage of the power and heat utilised at the distillery comes from renewable sources as the site is fitted with a wind turbine, a solar panel array and a biomass boiler.

We are proud to be a house of brands and believe that each of our products should have its own story to tell and its own space to tell it. Our ethos is to be inventive in our thinking, to look at history for inspiration and to produce a range of unique spirits that have local provenance and an international appeal.